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Board of Governors

Edward W. Crosby, PhD – Chair and Founder
Mrs. Mozella M. Cottingham Watts, MEd
John A. Fuller, Jr. , BA
Janice D. Taylor Heard, PhD
Angela M. Neeley, MBA
Nikki Marchmon Boykin, MEd
Bridgie A. Ford., PhD

Emma Jean Calhoun – Founder and Governor Emeritus

Administration and Support Staff 

Angela M. Neeley, MBA – Chief Administrative Officer and Board Treasurer
Edward W. Crosby, PhD – CAO's Program Management Consultant
Kelly L. Pack Crosby, BA – Business Manager  and  Human Resources Officer
Synia L. Rodgers – Executive Secretary, EMIS Coordinator and Student Records Keeper
Doni M. Burrus-Brooks – Community Relations Coordinator and Student Disciplinarian
Cynthia Y. Shotwell, Secretary and Receptionist


Anthony Kratsas, BS – Instructional Leader Elementary Center
Robert M. Singleton, MEd – Instructional Leader Intermediate Center
Peggy Romesberg – Certified Learning Disabilities Specialist
Paula Warren, MA – Certified Intervention Specialist

Mary Petric – Certified Teacher and Title I – Math and Reading Instructor
Andrea K. Hirst – Certified Teacher and Title I – Math and Reading Instructor
Regina Wilson – Certified Kindergarten Teacher
Michelle A.D. Batten – Certified First Grade Teacher
Kyrie A. Lee – Certified Second Grade Teacher
Sheila J. Zeidrich – Certified Third Grade Teacher
Nicole Cathey – Certified Fourth Grade Teacher
Chelaise Burton, MBA – Certified Social Studies Teacher, Grades 5 to 8
Christie McFadden, BS – Certified Science Teacher, Grades 5 to 8
Redelia House, BS – State Approved Mathematics Teacher, Grades 5 to 8
Roslyn Pratt, BS – State Approved Language Arts Teacher, Grades 5 to 8
Floyd Fillingame, BA – Assistant Math Teacher and Technology Specialist

Volunteer Assistant Teachers

Elnora Martin – Retired Certified Teacher

Consultants and Special Services Staff

     Kofi M. Khemet, MEd – African and African American Curriculum Infusion Project


The Academy’s mission is to educate young people in a year-round, 210-day educational program. It enrolls children in Kindergarten through the 6th grade and uses a holistic educational program that is personalized, problem-posing and problem-solving, centered in the humanities, natural sciences, language arts, social studies (civics), and African American and world culture studies. This mission is buttressed with electronic technology and emphasizes the establishment of a Learning Community designed to change the traditional educational paradigm and thereby enhance its students’ academic competency and the reuniting of traditional subject areas and learning activities so that students are better able to understand the relationship of one subject area to another and education to their present and future lives.  The Academy serves African American, White, Native American, and Latino American students. It is, therefore, open to all elementary school-aged youth residing within the Akron public school district. The Academy also enrolls students who live in the surrounding metropolitan areas such as Barberton, Woodbridge and Kent, through an "Interdistrict Transfer Program." 

We have two Learning Centers

Elementary Learning Center
Grades K-4
1180 Slosson Street
Akron, Ohio   44320-2730

Intermediate Learning Center
Grades 5-8
442 Bell Street
Akron, Ohio   44307-2306

For More Information and Feedback, send e-Mail to

Ms. Angela M. Anderson

 The Academy's Official Web site is located at

The Academy's Business Address is

Ida B. Wells Community Academy
1180 Slosson Street
Akron, Ohio   44320-2730

Phone:  330.867.1085   FAX:  330.867.1074

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Editorial Board

Fred M. Crosby – Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Edward W. Crosby – Managing Editor, Publisher and Webmaster
Sweetie T. Crosby – Business Manager
Lillian Robinson (deceased) – Historian
B. Oswald Robinson (deceased) – Historian
Geraldine Naylor Ellis – Historian
HieroGraphics Online, LLC – Graphics, Layout and Web Page Design

Regional, City and Staff Reporters

Carla Crosby – Beachwood, Ohio
Earnell Harris – Portsmouth, Virginia
Sharon Wake – Columbia, Maryland
Carla Young – Baltimore, Maryland
Warren Bloom – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Editorial Policy of the News Quarterly is to provide a mechanism for teaching the family's youth and even older relatives about the history, traditions, and activities of our family as well as the history of African Americans in general. Another aspect of the News Quarterly's educational policy is to present local, national and international information relevant to the family's life and affairs. Thirdly, the News Quarterly is to provide a communications link with our widely dispersed family members, informing them of births, deaths, marriages, educational achievements, etc. The second week of January, April, July and October are the deadlines for receiving copy. Copy received after the second week will be published in the next issue. The Managing Editor reserves the right to edit all copy to conserve space or have copy conform to the News Quarterly’s editorial policy. Mail all  typed or legible handwritten copy, letters and inquiries to: The Editor, 12435 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, OH  44108. You may also send copy to any of the five staff reporters in your area.  NOTE: The News Quarterly is now defunct because of the publisher's illness.

Call:  216.541.5040     FAX:  216.541.5043

The Family News Quarterly:

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