The Ida B. Wells Community Academy

semper novi quid ex Africa!

Everything new always comes out of Africa! — Pliny

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What You Need To Know About The Academy And More!

  •     An Introduction to to the Ida B. Wells Community Academy
  •     A Brief Ida B. Wells-Barnett Biography with Links
  •     On These Assurances We Stand
  •     Community Schools Compliance with the Ohio Revised Code
  •     The Academy's ByLaws and Governance Handbook
  •     Board of Governors Resumes
  •     Students and Parents Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
  •     Model Procedures for  the Education of Children with Disabilities
  •     Model Policies and Plan for the Identification of Children Who Are Gifted
  •     Faculty and Staff Handbook on Employment , Teaching and  Professional Expectations
  •     Annual Report for 2003-2004  (attachments available on request)
  •     Annual Report for 2004–2005 (attachments available on request) 
  •     The Academy's Registration Application
  •     The Academy's Employment Application
  •     A Selected Africa and African America Focused Bibliography
  •     Curriculum Infusion Model from Kindergarten to 6th Grade
  •     The Academy's Newsmakers  .  .  .

  • Uumbaji Art Gallery Exhibit and AfriLinks

    Festac Brown Mask
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    For More Information

    Call: 330.867.1085   FAX: 330.867.1074

    Write to

    Dr. Edward W. Crosby, Superintendent Pro Tem and Founder

    The Ida B. Wells Community Academy
    1180 Slosson Street
    Akron, Ohio  44320-2730

    330.867.1085    FAX   330.867.1074

    Elementary Learning Center
    Grades Kindergarten to Fifth

    Mr. Kofi A.M. Khemet, MEd, Instructional Leader
    and  Center Manager

    Ms. Deborah M. Campbell, MEd, Assistant Instructional Leader
    and Teacher Coach

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