All students have rights as members of the OOJH student body, as well as the responsibility of exercising those rights in an appropriate manner on a daily basis. If a student acts irresponsibly, proactive interventions must be taken in order to provide the student with the opportunity to develop self control, be a positive, productive member of the OOJH community, and maintain the high level of expectations and standards that are necessary in order to reach the goals of the academic program.


Rights and Responsibilities

Each student has the right to pursue an education and to receive maximum benefit of classroom instruction.Each student must not hamper any other student from pursuing an education. Students must be punctual to class, having the appropriate material for the instruction to be received.

2. Each student has the right to express opinions orally and in writing. Each student must express opinions and ideas in a respectful manner which will not offend or slander others.
3. Each student has the right to dress in such a way as to express the student's personality. Each student must dress so as to meet recognized standards of health , safety, propriety (decency) and not to the detriment of the educational process.
4. Each student has the right to expect that the school will be a safe place for all students to gain an education. Each student must be aware of all rules and expectations regulating student behavior and conduct and must follow the guidelines established.
5. Each student has the right to expect to assist in making decisions concerning his/her own educational goals. Each student must participate positively in learning situations.
6. In case of suspensions and expulsions, the student who is disciplined has the rights provided by the school code, constitutional due process, and the Policies and Procedures adopted by School District 68. If student witnesses testify in disciplinary cases, student witnesses names shall not be made public. Each student must be willing to volunteer information in disciplinary cases should the student have knowledge of importance in such a case.
7. Each student has the right to make up missed work, assignments, and tests after an excused absence from school. Each student is responsible for contacting the teacher upon returning to school for setting a reasonable date with the teacher to make up the missed work.

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