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          Kent, Ohio 44240 
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Date: January 9, 1997 

To:       Dr. Fran Dorsey 
           Dr. Jacqueline Rowser 
           Dr. Diedre Badejo 
           Prof. Mwatabu Okantah 

From:            Dr. Stephane E. Booth 
                    Chapter President 

In response to your letter of December 18, 1996 citing potentially grievable behavior of Dr. Garrison, I would invite you (or a group) to discuss your concerns with either Dr. Clarence Wunderlin or Dr. Ken Calkins, Co-Chairs of the AAUP-KSU Grievance Committee and myself. As Dr. Calkins informed Dr. Dorsey several weeks ago, formal grievances can be filed if it is determined that Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) violations have occurred. 

Under the CBA, Article VI, Section 7(B)(2), faculty can call for an extraordinary review of the departmental chairperson (copy attached). This is done by petitioning the college Dean directly. Therefore, if you wish to request such a review of Dr. Garrison, you must petition Dean Danks directly. 

We are very willing to discuss any of the concerns that you may have. Please call the AAUP-KSU office to set up an appointment if you wish to discuss these issues. 

f. If the decision by the Dean is not to reappoint the Chairperson for another four  (4)-year term, a new Chairperson will be selected following the process stated under Selection Process.
Prior to the conclusion of the fall semester of each academic year, the Office of Faculty Affairs shall provide the Association with a list of department chairpersons scheduled to undergo during that academic year the periodic review referenced in B. 1. of this section. Prior to the conclusion of the spring semester the Office of Faculty Affairs shall provide the Association with a report on the results or status of those reviews. Ordinarily, it shall be expected that the reviews shall be conducted and concluded during the academic year in which they are undertaken. 
2. Extraordinary Review of Departmental Chairpersons. 
    It is recognized that under unusual and compelling circumstances, a  departmental Faculty may choose to review the performance of a Chairperson prior to the regularly scheduled review referenced in 7.B. 1. 
    a. Such an extraordinary review shall be undertaken only once during each four (4) year term if one third or more of the departmental Faculty petition the Dean.  
    b. Upon receipt of the written petition, the Dean shall immediately institute a review of the Chairperson as stipulated above. The review shall be completed no later than the end of the following semester.
Section 8. Selection of Regional Campus Deans 
    When a vacancy occurs in a Regional Campus Dean position, the Vice Provost for the Regional Campuses may either immediately institute a search process to secure a Dean or, under appropriate circumstances and following consultation with the Regional Campus Faculty Council and other groups as he/she deems appropriate, appoint an acting Dean for a term not to exceed one full academic year.