Kent State University

TO: Joseph Danks, Dean, Arts & Sciences 

FROM: Pan-African Studies, FAC Members - Professors Badejo, Barnes, Rowser, 
           Dorsey, Moore, Brown, Temu 

SUBJECT: FAC Decision 

DATE: June 22, 1998 

The FAC determined that of the 3 options that were presented to us this morning by Dean Joseph Danks, we have unanimously chosen Option 3: 

Remove Dr. George R. Gamson as Chair and select an Acting Chair, someone who might well continue as Chair. 

After a lengthy discussion, the FAC nominated and voted unanimously to have Dr. Diedre Badejo serve as Acting Chair of the Department of Pan-African Studies for the 1998-1999 AY. The FAC is anxious to work with Dr. Badejo and support her leadership during this critical period.