Exorcize* this Devil
from DPAS

When Dr. George R. Garrison was interviewed prior to being selected  to be the chair of the Department of Pan-African Studies, he avowed that he would not change any of the programs, practices and policies that faculty and staff had developed over the preceding 25 years. He also avowed that he would preserve the Department's student-friendly atmosphere and its openness to others. However, it seems he has  
lost his direction or that he was lying when he uttered that avowal. Shortly after he assumed the chair, he began to show this true spirit, for he demonstrated his reluctance to work with faculty who dis- agreed with him and he began to act as if his mind was the only mind that was worthy of being followed. Participatory democracy would not be his way of leadership. Several DPAS faculty began to seriously challenge him, and in October of 1996, two thirds of the faculty (all that is required by the Collective Bargaining agreement between the University and the AAUP) petitioned for an extraordinary review of the chair to assess whether he should be retained in that position. The University obstructed this review process for over a year. Finally, the review is underway. We therefore present to the general public the following BILL OF PARTICULARS . . . 

  • This Demon defies his faculty with his disgusting administrative actions concern- ing merit, travel, summer teaching assignments, promotions, sabbaticals, faculty, grad- uate assistants, part-timers, etc.;
  • His leadership is ineffective and unethical; he lies remorselessly;
  • The DPAS curriculum is in shambles; the major and three minor sequences will soon crumble under the weight of his incompetence;
  • He speaks of having a vision for the Department's future, but he has never communicated this vision to his faculty in writing;
  • He violates in collaboration with the central administration official University, 
  • AAUP and DPAS policies; he has barred DPAS graduate assistants and others 
  • from attending general faculty meetings;
  • He claims to want to create a graduate studies program in DPAS, but fails to attempt to strengthen the undergraduate curriculum which is essential to any serious attempt to add a graduate pro- gram; what's even more important, he himself is not a member of the graduate faculty, a crucial ingredient to his being able to even pro- pose a graduate course much less component;
  • He discourages qualified DPAS faculty from teaching graduate Africana Studies- related courses in other departments;
  • He continues to show his disrespect for his female colleagues and his utter contempt for the Black United Students and their legitimate claim to be the creators   of the Department of Pan-African Studies and the Center of Pan-African Culture;
  • He discourages some faculty from seeking extramural funding;
  • Let's not forget that he also holds unbounded disrespect for many, if not all of his male faculty;
  • When he pontificates about all he has done for the Department, he forgets to say how the Henry Dumas Memorial Library is an embar- rassment, how three DPAS publi- cations The African American Monograph Series, E-JAS (The Electronic Journal of Africana Studies), and the incipient DPAS Occasional Papers have gone out of existence since his arrival on campus; how within Arts & Sciences, DPAS is the only department without a webpage, how he relies on a universally disliked faculty mem- ber who refuses to attend faculty meetings as his only intradepartmental support, how he develops programs with the provost and other outsiders without ever informing his faculty and staff; he appears to be afraid to show his faculty DPAS's budgets;
  • He has a knack for citing the work of others as his own;
  • He resigned precipitously from the presidency of PAFSA when PAFSA refused to blindly follow his recommendation. Now he declares that PAFSA does not represent black faculty as he has formerly argued.
  •           Webmaster's Note: The word "exorcise" was misspelled in the original document; this misspelling is maintained here.
    Other Anti-Garrison fliers were distributed on the Kent State campus signalling a rising storm against the Chair's management style: 1. "il Duce", and 2. "Black Friday".