Interoffice Correspondence
Kent State University
Kent, OH 44242-0001

November 15, l996 

TO:  George Garrison, 
       Chair, Department of Pan African Studies (PPAS) 
FR:  Concerned Faculty & Staff 

RE:  Issuance of Flier (IL DUCE) 

We, the undersigned, want to send a clear, unambiguous message to Faculty, Students, Administrators, and the Pan African community at Kent State University, that we categorically denounce the manner in which some individuals have chosen to register their disagreement(s) with the Chair of Pan African Studies. The issuance of the flier (IL DUCE) circulated last month could, if left unchallenged, have the effect of destabilizing DPAS, its administrator, and undermining his legitimate role as a leader on this campus. 

In the short time that you have chaired Pan African Studies at Kent, you have worked unselfishly to advance the causes of students, faculty, staff, and administrators on this campus! You have worked tirelessly to help bring about a sense of community on this campus. Moreover, you are one of the leading voices in the attempt, by many, to establish and maintain constructive dialogue between individuals and groups at Kent. We cannot watch silently as your reputation is attacked. Therefore, the purpose of this letter is to show our support and speak out against the slanderous and malicious attacks that you have bad to endure. 

This kind of action leaves our entire community weakened, divided, and negatively assessed. It is the worst kind of example to set for our young people. We are obligated to help our young men and women develop good character, moral bearings, neighborliness, and social responsibility. They must know that there are Black Elders on this campus who abhor this kind of behavior. This type of public character assassination has happened. and will happen again, unless we draw a clear line to collectively reject such conduct. 

      DPAS Faculty 
      President Carol A. Cartwright 
      Provost Myron Henry 
      Dean Joseph Danks 
      Vice President Nancy Scott 
      Vice President Charles Greene 
      President of BUS Executive Board 
      President of BGSA Executive Board 
      President of KASA Executive Board 

Webmaster's Note: Twenty (20) black KSU faculty and non-academic staff signed this memorandum. Many of those who signed (5 or more) were non-academic staff. No member of the DPAS faculty or staff signed this memorandum.