Inter-Departmental Correspondence
Kent, Ohio

To                 Dr. George R. Garrison, Chair                                     Date February 14, 1996 
                     Department of Pan-African Studies 
From             Dr. Edward W. Crosby, Chair Emeritus 

Subject         My Apology to You 

I want to express my sincerest apology for my loss of control and for using a public meeting to air my grievances. As it stood, I was quite perturbed over not being asked as the managing editor of KITABU, the IAAA/DPAS newsletter, to participate in the disscusion of any problems relative to KlTABU's contents or changes in its editorial policy before it was decided on and sent to the Provost. 

I believe, furthermore, that I was compelled to blurt out my frustrations and personal observa- tions that something serious is rankling among your faculty and staff. These problems may also have been inadvertently communicated to undergraduates. 

Whatever may be the case, I do respect your position as chair; therefore, for my intemperate display, I must apologize.  

I should like to suggest, if you are willing, that we sit down and talk candidly and forthrightly about the situation and possible corrective moves at a mutually convenient time and day and place. 


/s/ Edward W. Crosby 

Edward W. Crosby