Daily Kent Stater
February 12, 1998

This is in response to the letter to the editor (Professor demands immediate change) published in the Stater Jan. 30, 1998. With all DUE respect, Dr. Nantambu, I would like to dispute some of the curious accusations that you made in regard to Dr. Edward W. Crosby, Dr. Francis E. Dorsey and Professor Mwatabu Okantah. First, to designate yourself an avenger of Afropeon Negroes with PhD's is not only a misrepresentation of the truth, but an insult to the intelligent students, faculty and community who support and respect Dr. Crosby. I am tired of this immature bickering and quibbling over who is justified in their beliefs. Hasn't your education and experience shown you that it doesn't look or sound professional? Have you forgotten where you are?

I am a former student of Dr. Crosby's. I do respect him academically and professionally, and he isn't anyone's old man. Dr. Edward W. Crosby is a respected, dedicated African-centered elder who devoted his life to the upliftment of Africans on this campus and in the surrounding community. Dr Nantambu, you weren't even on this campus for the majority of Dr. Crosby's administration. So your information is secondhand at best. Didn't you learn in kindergarten that it wasn't nice to spread rumors? Surely you haven't yet learned the repercussions of slander. To belittle Dr. Crosby's efforts in an attempt to promote your agenda is revolting to say the least. Any one who knows the two of you can look and ask around within the community to find out who the REAL impostor is. Who has and has not benefited the community and students?

The Department of Pan-African Studies didn't know what oppression was until Dr. George Garrison set foot (or was planted) within. I have personally witnessed the death of the healthy, nurtured, constructive, progressive environment that prevailed prior to his onslaught. What I don't understand is why you so adamantly have your nose inserted in his behind. Could it be a promise of a full professorship, could it be inebriation, insanity, karma slapping you into a state of confusion, or could it be that you're still whining over not being selected as Chair yourself? Whatever the reason(s), we see you, and we know what the real deal is. Dr. Crosby may have been correct in his assessment of where you stand in relation to the Black Community. You are also a threat to yourself! Beware, when your cushion is snatched from under you where will your booty be then?

Submitted by:

Dina M. Harley
KSU alumna