9 September 1996 

Dr. Edward Crosby 
437 Silver Meadows 
Kent, Ohio 

Dear Ed: 

       It was unfortunate how the Department meeting turned out on Wednesday. Clearly this situation has to be changed. Since I have been Chair, I have allowed you enormous liberties relative to your attending faculty meetings and your use of the secretaries in your work, etc. Initially, I thought this was a good gesture of my trying to maintain continuity with the past, and a show of cooperativeness in the present. Unfortunately, this has not worked out. I wanted to inform you directly that the secretaries have been instructed to discontinue such work in the future. Moreover, I am closing regular faculty meetings to non-full time faculty, until further notice. Because, I do think that it is important to hear from all who have a genuine interest in the progress of this Department, I will initiate an additional meeting each month or as is necessary, for the purpose of providing a forum for individuals to bring forth issues and concerns that they think are important. 

       I regret to have to do this, but it appears to be necessary, if I am to get the work of this Department accomplished, and to maintain good order and decorum in the meetings of the Department. 


   /s/ George R. Garrison 

George R. Garrison 
Department Chair 

c:  Gladys Bozeman 
     Carolyn Dukes