Interdepartmental Correspondence
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio

TO         Dr. George Garrison, Chairmen                                    DATE:      October 14, 1996 
             Department of Pan-African Studies                                       
FROM:   Andrea L. DuVall, Graduate Assistant 
             Department of Pan-African Studies 
             Institute for African American Affairs 

             Muata Niamke, Graduate Assistant 
             Department of Pan-African Studies 

             Angela Anderson, Graduate Assistant 
             Center of Pan-African Culture 
             Department of Pan-African Studies 

RE:        Departmental Faculty and Staff Meetings 

Several weeks have passed since we initially were made aware that we were no longer welcome at the weekly departmental staff meetings. After our initial confusion, we asked that your Administrative Assistant check for us that we were indeed to be excluded from the staff meetings. After checking with you, she confirmed that we were not to come to the meetings. 

We later came upon the memorandum sent out by you to members of the faculty stating that the meetings were to be closed in order to maintain the "decorum" of the meetings (memoran- dum enclosed). We have attempted and failed to determine for ourselves what we did to cause such a disruption. As we recall, only three of the five Graduate Assistants employed by the department were present at the meeting. Of those three, only one chose to speak when recognized by you and did not attempt to dominate the discussion or use any inappropriate language or tone. 

While we do not feel this is an issue requiring that we meet with you, we have enclosed for purposes of clarification and consideration, the memorandum sent to the Department faculty and the first two pages of the Kent State University Policy on Role and Status of Graduate Student Appointees as it pertains to this matter. 

Interaction with the faculty and staff is an integral part of our professional development. Meet- ings provide us with the opportunity to learn "how things get done in a professional organiza- tion both when things are running smoothly and when there are opportunities for change. It is our hope that this memorandum will serve as catalyst for the reinstatement of our role as observers and participants in the governance of the department in which we are staff members as well. 


Memorandum from Dr. Garrison to DPAS Faculty 
Kent State University Policy on Role and Status of Graduate Student Appointees (pp. 1-2) 

cc: DPAS Faculty and Staff  
     Dr. John Binder; Student Ombudsman  
     Dr. Joseph Danks, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences  
     Dr. Myron Henry, Provost