February 17, 1998

Dr. Edward Crosby
437 Silver Meadows Blvd.
Kent, OH 44240

Dear Dr. Crosby:

        I am chairing a committee charged with reviewing the performance of Chairperson George R. Garrison of the Department of Pan-African Studies at Kent State University.

        Because the role of any departmental chair is so multi-faceted, the review committee is seeking out the perspectives of as many informed individuals and organizations as possible. A member of the committee asked me to contact you to determine whether you might wish to provide the committee with any relevant information and your judgement as to Dr. Garrison's performance as Chair of the Department of Pan-African Studies. You may inform the commit- tee by providing a written statement, or by providing a written statement and meeting with the committee to discuss the statement, or to meet with the committee to make only an oral statement.

       Your comments would contribute to the quality of our deliberations. Please send any written comments directly to me and I will distribute them to the committee membership. If you wish to meet with the committee to discuss your statements or simply to make a statement, please contact me to arrange for a time for the meeting,. Since we are operating on a relatively tight schedule, please provide your response by March 6.

       On behalf of the committee, thank you for your help on this most important matter.

                                                             /s/ John J. Gargan

                                                             John J. Gargan
                                                             Political Science