Letter to the Editor 
Pan-African Studies Professor demands immediate change 
January 30, 1998 

Dear Editor, 

    At the Nov. 21 rally, the retired honorary Dr. Edward W. Crosby told the campus populace that Dr.Kwame Nantambu is the "enemy of black people." Well, the honorary Dr. Crosby is correct. However, he should have taken his conclusion o ne step further. The stark reality is that Dr. Nantambu also is the enemy and avenger of Afropeon Negroes with a Ph.D. like Dr. Edward W. Crosby and his two house servants.  
    In other words, under European supremacy, the Afrikan (black) male is the designated enemy, while under Edward W. Crosby supremacy at Kent State University, Dr. Kwame Nantambu is the designated enemy. In fact, about 1 1/2 years ago, I was notified in writing by the only Africa-centered, self-appointed "Girot" [sic] in Department of Pan-African Studies and a masquerading wanna-be African adjunct professor, that I was the designated enemy. So in reality, Dr. Edward W. Crosby was only reinforcing and reiterating the sentiment of his academic baby boy and step son of 1970-71. 
    Let me inform Dr. Edward W. Crosby and his two lackey [sic] who are leading the fight to oust Dr. Garrison that I am NOT one of Dr. Crosby's former students. I am NOT one of his academic baby boys. I am NOT one of his stepsons. He is NOT my Old Man, and Dr. Crosby is NOT the godfather to my kids. 
    Students should be protesting against 25 years of professional, intellectual and academic impotence, decadence and retrogression the Department of Pan-African Studies has suffered under the chairmanship of Dr. Edward W. Crosby. After 25 years of Dr. Crosby's maladministration and academic ineptitude, DPAS is nothing but a professional, intellectual and academic laughing stock on campus. 
    I also give Dr. Edward W. Crosby credit for controlling the faculty in DPAS for more than 25 years while he was physically present and to continue to control them even after he is NOT physically present in DPAS.
    The fact of the matter is that education is supposed to be revolutionary, evolutionary and a change agent. So it is totally ludicrous to say that Dr. Garrison is acting contrary to the original mission of DPAS. This is NOT 1969 or 1976. This is the year 1998. 
    Dr. Garrison has been accused of undermining the power of the director of Center of Pan African Culture. [he fact of the matter is that as chairman, Dr. Edward W. Crosby controlled the budget of CPAC. He spent its money WITHOUT consulting the director. I am DEMANDING that Dr. Francis Dorsey informs the community why he threatened to resign at least three times as director of CPAC because of the vindicative and dictatorial way in which he was treated by then-chair Dr. Edward W. Crosby and why he DID NOT convene at "Black Friday" to protest against such treatment and call for Dr. Crosby's ouster. 
    I RESIGNED as director of Institute for African-American Affairs because of similar vicious and vindicative [sic] dictatorial rule imposed and leveled against me by the DPAS chairman Dr. Edward W. Crosby. He totally undermined my authority as director of IAAA. 
    Chrysler's CEO Lee Iacocca, General Colin Powell, former KSU administrators President Michael Schwartz and Dean Rudolph Buttlar. 
    My obdurate and profound disagreement with Hon. Dr. Edward W. Crosby has NOTHING to do with my application to a full professorship. 
    Students, you all have been hoodwinked. You all have been bamboozled. You all have been taken BIG TIME by Dr. Edward W. Crosby, Dr. Francis E. Dorsey and professor Mwatabu Okantah. 

Kwame Nantambu
Associate Professor  
Department of Pan-African Studies