Department of Pan-African Studies
Kent State University

FROM:  Dr. Kwame Nantambu 

TO:  Dr. Meli Temu, Chair FAC 

DATE:  19 November 1996 

RE:  Promotion to Full Professor: Memo from Barnes, Dorsey, Moore & Okantah 

From the outset, let me state quite categorically that the formal request from Prof. Moore that members of the FAC review the FILES of the two individuals who were going up for promotion was a VERY VICIOUS, VINDICTIVE and MIS-REPRESENTED request. At one regular faculty meeting, this request was further researched by the Chair under the assumption that such a collective request from Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah was indeed a genuine request to evaluate and report on the TWO portfolios that were under review. Subsequent to that request I have now found out (which I suspected all along) that this request by Prof. Moore had ulterior motives behind it, albeit vindictive motives, because these same four individuals ONLY sub- mitted a memo re their putative evaluation about ONLY ONE of these individuals who was going up for promotion. These same four individuals ONLY reported on Dr. Kwame Nantambu's application. In their initial request, Prof. Moore requested to evaluate the TWO promotion files. If this was NOT a preconceived, vicious and vindictive request, then these same four reviewers should have written TWO memos to the Chair DPAS/FAC; instead, ONLY ONE evaluative memo was submitted. And I want these same four persons to know that I know exactly why they violated their request to the Chair. If this was an honest request, then TWO files should have been evaluated and TWO memos should have been written, "yea" or "nay" re the evalu- atees. This was NOT done. This non-action therefore convinces me that this request was indeed a prescribed, pre-meditated and pre-planned attempt to get back at me because of the position I took against their "Old Man." 

I just want these same four individuals to know that I regard their vicious memo as a declar- ation of professional war against me. I also want them to know that I am fully prepared to wage and engage in this dynastical, professional war. I further want these same four persons to know that this pre-meditated memo only serves to ossify my obdurate resolve to challenge Edward W. Crosby supremacy WHENEVER it rears its head in this Department. I intend to challenge European supremacy on the outside and Crosby supremacy on the inside. In my struggle and defiance against European supremacy, I have been declared a persona non grata and placed on a hit list re the government of Jamaica. I am PROUD to be on that hit list. In the same vain, in my struggle and defiance against Edward W. Crosby supremacy, I have also been declared a persona non grata and placed on a hit list re my professional advancement in DPAS. Let me inform these same four persons that I am PROUD to be placed on Crosby's hit list and I will continue to challenge and defy his supremacy. Let me get to the areas of concern that were noted: 

Research: Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah raised the question that because I publish my own books then they are NOT professional peer-reviewed works that warrant my promotion to full professor. May I just remind these same four individuals that Dr. Na'im Akbar also publishes his OWN books under "Mind Productions & Associates, Inc." in Florida. Dr. Akbar is a PROFESSOR of Psychology. Are these same four persons saying that Dr. Na'im Akbar whose books they USE in their classes, is not qualified to be a full PROFESSOR? Dr. Nantambu is DOING EXACTLY what Dr. Akbar is doing but suddenly publishing one's own work is apparently okay for one person but NOT okay for another. STRANGE. 

Let me remind these same four persons that Dr. Ivan Van Sertirna, a PROFESSOR of Black Studies at Rutgers, also PUBLISHES his own books. These same four persons use Dr. Van Sertima's books in their classes. Are they saying the Dr. Van Sertima is NOT qualified to be a full PROFESSOR because he publishes his own books which to these reviewers are NOT peer reviewed? 

In addition, if we continue this argument to his logical conclusion then Dr. Francis Dorsey's Ph.D. dissertation is NOT a professional or academic document because he used works WRITTEN and PUBLISHED on Marcus Garvey by Dr. Tony Martin under "The Majority Press" label in Boston. Dr. Martin is a full PROFESSOR at Wellesley College. Are these same four individuals saying that Dr. Tony Martin is NOT qualified to be a full PROFESSOR? If this is the case, then Dorsey MUST re-write his dissertation and NOT use any materials written and published by Dr. Martin. Dr. Nantambu has done and WILL CONTINUE to do EXACTLY what these other full PROFESSORS are doing. 

May I also remind these four person that Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Professor at Temple Univer- sity has also written and published his OWN works. Anthony T. Browder whose "Nile Valley Contributions to World Civilization " was WRITTEN and PUBLISHED by him under The Insti- tute of Karmic Guidance is used by these same individuals in their classes. Dr. Charles Finch, Dr. Jacob Carruthers and Haki Madhubuti under Third World Press, ALL WRITE and PUBLISH their OWN BOOKS. I am therefore DEMANDING that these same four persons DO NOT use the books written and published by these well-published experts in their classes. All in all the vicious, myopic and unprofessional line of reasoning comes to the fore in comparing what Dr. Nantambu have done and what full PROFESSORS Martin, Van Sertima, Carruthers, Finch, Asante, Akbar, Madhubuti etc., has done. What is okay for them is NOT okay for Dr. Nantambu. But that's okay. I DO NOT need the approval of Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah to tell me I am qualified to be a full PROFESSOR The full professors at other universities VALIDATE me. 

In his letter of support of my full professorship, this is what Dr. Molefi Kete Asante stated: 

Dr. Nantambu has been very active in writing for the influential A Current Biblio- graphy on African Affairs. I am not sure there are any other contemporary writers who have contributed as much to this much sought after resource. He is among the leading interpreters of contemporary Africa in the world. I do not know anyone who has written more authoritatively and more consistently about the contemporary political landscape of Africa. 

In my judgment Professor Nantambu should have been promoted to full profes- sorship long ago. For some reason I thought he had already achieved that status since he has made such a fine reputation for Kent State in his travels and his writings. He is certainly a national and indeed, an international figure in our field. I support him for the full professorship and believe that he will continue to distinguish himself and his university.

This is what Dr. John Henrik Clarke wrote about my qualification to be a full professor: 
I have known Professor Nantambu for over 15 years. I met him when he was an active member of the teaching staff of Howard University. I knew of his academic work and community activity before our official meeting at Howard. Among a new generation of scholars that followed the decline of the civil rights activities and the beginning of a broader view of African people's relationship to the politics of a changing era, Professor Nantambu is outstanding in using his creative talent in directing our attention to new dimensions of this still prevailing problem. I was most concerned with his books, lectures and pamphlets on Pan-African- ism and how it affects African people at home and abroad. In my opinion, Professor Nantambu's view of the African world is holistic. He points to the relationship of African people to the politics of the whole world. This point of view deserves serious consideration if African people are to move beyond the paro- chial and on to universal consideration. 

The additional value of Professor Nantambu's work is that he understands the interplay of power and politics in the age in which he lives. His knowledge of Europe and parts of Asia extends the dimensions of his Pan-African point of view. 

Professor Nantambu have joined me and other scholars at a number of conferences and seminars and in each case he made a meaningful contribution to these gatherings. I have participated in conferences on Pan Africanism and the status of African people in general with him including one two-day conference a few years ago at Kent State. 

I have made good use of the writings of Professor Nantambu in my own writings and teachings about Pan- Africanism and the political plight of Africans away from home. 

I have no reservations in supporting Professor Nantambu's application for full Professorship in the Pan African Studies Department at Kent State University. 

This is what Dr. Pat Newton an adjunct full professor at John Hopkins University has to say about my qualifications to be a full professor: 
Dr. Nantambu is a critical thinker and encourages his students and peers to think critically as welt He is systematic and deliberate m his pursuit of knowledge and challenges students to make the most of their talents and skills. He is knowledgeable and has excellent research teaching skills. He travels to the African continent on various study tours on an annual basis to keep abreast of the latest cultural, historical and social developments there. This keeps his knowledge base broad, accurate and timely. He is published author and is in constant pursuit of information. I strongly support Dr. Nantambu in his ability to continue to expand his knowledge and his professional career development. He will continue to be an asset to your university and the Pan African Studies Department, m particular. 

I recommend Dr. Kwame Nantambu, without any reservations. Thank you.

These statements VALIDATE me; I DO NOT NEED Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah to validate my professionalism NO! NO! NO! 

In addition, to have the audacity to state that my articles published in newspapers and maga- zines are NOT "scholarly publications" just proves to me that Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah are NOT worthy of the professional titles that they hold. This is an absurd, stupid and laughable conclusion. Are these people saying that if Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Frances Welsing, Dr. Henrik Clarke, Dr. Karenga, etc wrote an article in The New York Times that they would not think their articles scholarly; well, if that's their reasoning, then Dr. Francis Dorsey should go back and take out ALL of the newspaper and magazine articles he referenced in his Ph.D. dissertation. 

It is ironic that these same four individuals have determined that articles written by Dr. Nantambu are NOT "scholarly publications" but an article that Dr. Nantambu ORIGINALLY wrote but submitted under Dr. Dorsey's name and was published in a magazine, by default Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah have evaluated this inherited, non-written Dorsey's article to be a "scholarly publication." Maybe I am just missing something in this double-standard genre of holistic, Afrocentric line of reasoning. Maybe my brains are small and my genes defective to figure out this particular evaluation methodology by these four individuals. 

May I also remind Barnes, Moore, and Okantah that Dr. Dorsey had in his portfolio materials and documents that DID NOT fall within the time period that the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs had mandated in his policies and procedures memo. The Vice President SPECIFICALLY stated that ALL materials, etc., MUST cover the period when the application was in the tenure-track position. Dr. Dorsey DID NOT enter such a rank UNTIL 1990; yet Barnes, Moore and Okantah DID NOT write a memo instructing the Chair that Dr. Dorsey MUST take out ALL materials PRIOR to 1990; in FACT, I CAN REPORT that Dr. Dorsey had materials in his portfolio that go as far back as the 1980s. In fact, at least one-third of Dr. Dorsey's materials in his portfolio were immaterial - but that's okay for Dr. Dorsey but NOT okay for Dr. Nantambu. STRANGE! 

What Barnes, Dorsey, Moore and Okantah are suggesting is that DPAS should tell students NOT to reference in term papers or read newspaper or magazine articles by Afrocentric scholars because these works are NOT "scholarly productions." Students should NOT read Emerge, Uhuru, Black Scholar, Black Enterprise, Jet, Negro World, The Crisis, Essence or Black Books Bulletin or even The Final Call; NOT Time or Newsweek or The New Republic, The Amsterdam News, The Newport News, etc., in fact, according to the Afrocentric holistic and professional determination and evaluation of Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah we should NOT SUPPORT or READ ANY African-American newspaper and magazine; these are not "scholarly productions" they are just academic trash to be put in the trash can to be discarded. They should only read BOOKS about African peoples written by African writers but published by other African publishing companies. Ergo, Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah are saying that DPAS majors should NOT read books written and published by Afrocentric scholars Asante, Finch, Browder, Martin, Akbar, Karenga, Carruthers, Van Sertima, etc. 

Ergo, I am going to demand at the next FAC meeting that based on the professional evalu- ation and determination of FAC members Barnes, Dorsey and Okantah and Moore (Uhuru faculty advisor) that the FAC chair should inform the DPAS chair that since the articles in the Uhuru magazine are NOT "scholarly productions" then the Department should cease associating itself with this unscholarly piece of trash. 

At the next curriculum meeting I am also going to demand that the chair IMMEDIATELY inform ALL DPAS full-time faculty that they must delete and expunge from their syllabi ANY reference to articles in newspapers and magazines because FAC members have determined professionally that such articles are NOT "scholarly productions." The Curriculum Committee chair should inform these faculty members that from NOW on it is the curriculum/academic policy of DPAS that ONLY references to BOOKS MUST appear on every syllabus -- that's the Afrocentric holistic academic modus operandi. 

In this regard, it is very STRANGE that Barnes, Dorsey, Moore and Okantah have determined that Nantambu's ORIGINALLY written articles in newspapers and magazines are NOT "scholarly productions" but on the other hand reviews of plays (not ORIGINALLY WRITTEN by Francis Dorsey but ONLY inherited, transmitted and Xeroxed by him a la the Greeks in the B. C. era) that have appeared in newspapers such as the Akron Beacon Journal, Record Courier and The Plain Dealer, etc. have been accepted and evaluated as "scholarly productions" by these same individuals. In other words, if Nantambu writes an ORIGINAL play in a magazine, that work is NOT a "scholarly product"; but if Dorsey were to send one of his student assistants to Xerox Nantambu's play in KSU library and after he directs this INHERITED play, the review of his inheritance in the Akron Beacon Journal is a "scholarly product" and NOT Nantambu's ORIGINAL treatise in the magazine. Nantambu gets NO credit. Dorsey's newspaper review GETS credit. Maybe I HAVE TOTALLY MISSED SOMETHING IN THIS LINE OF REASONING! 

This then is a perfect example of purposeful, pre-meditated, wicked and cruel professional victimization under Edward W. Crosby supremacy. I am prepared to pay this price and I WILL be prepared to pay this price in the future! I want Barnes, Dorsey, Moore and Okantah to be aware of this professional reality; they might have won this battle, but the WAR is still on, ad infinitum. Yes, Yes, Yes . . .  

I am NOBODY's former student, step-son; my historical reference locus DOES NOT begin in one room in Lowry Hall circa 1969, 1970, 1971 on KSU campus and my "Old Man" is NOT from Silver Meadows, Kent, Ohio, U.S.A., NO! My "Old Man" is from ancient Kemet in Sakkarah and he is fee world 's first recorded multi-genius who built the step pyramid his name is Imhotep! My Afrocentric geo-political linkage analysis is in his TRADITION AND NO ONE ELSE PERIOD! 

To suggest that Barnes, Moore and Okantah were not clear as to my role as a bibliographic reviewer/editor again ONLY proves their total inability to serve as bona fide professional reviewers. I am outside of their league. This statement by them ONLY proves their profes- sional impotence, incompetence and decadence; and more importantly, it reveals their premeditated and vindictive rush-to-judgement decision. Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah have NOW sunk to the nadir of professionalism. 

Teaching: This is totally ridiculous and petty. Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah are suggesting that I am the ONLY professor who misses classes during the first two weeks of each semester. I REFUSE to legitimize their pettiness and professional amnesia when it applies to ALL other faculty members.  

University-Community Service: To suggest that my service is lacking is a non-charge in the very same way. I can charge that their publications and professional service has also been lacking over the past fifteen years and counting. My involvement in departmental matters over a particular period was due to the actions of Barnes, Moore and Dorsey who told me that they DID NOT want me to have any input into departmental decision-making. What Barnes, Moore and Dorsey are attempting to do here is to hide behind their typical Eurocentric reasoning in blaming the victim for his victimization. It has NOT worked. I have decoded their Eurocentric mind-set.  

Their last accusation is totally FALSE and Barnes, Moore, and Dorsey should apply their terms such as "unprofessional, disrespectful and offensive" to THEMSELVES. They need to recall the ALL AMERICAN social adage which indicates that you treat someone EXACTLY the way you are treated; as such they just got the SAME treatment they dished out initially against me on a previous occasion. That's the AMERICAN WAY! 

I hereby wish to thank Barnes, Moore, Dorsey and Okantah for their support of my application for promotion to the rank of full professor. 

In continued defiance and potent, unabated challenge against Edward Crosby supremacy . . . 

cc: George R. Garrison, Chair, DPAS