We Must Deal With Them Wisely

by Terry Shropshire 

Our dear and beloved elder, scholar and historian John Henrik Clarke, recently pumped out another piece (what else is new?) entitled Notes for an African World Revolution: Afri- cans at the Crossroads. in which he ponders a topic that has been given too little attention or focus. The Honorable Dr. Clarke states that "we as African people have not developed a technique for dealing with our traitors. Why do we let so many known traitors to the African cause walk among us unharmed?" 
    That's a very powerful question. In the aftermath of the Million Man March, I sensed a renewed craving for unity and brotherhood and action amongst a large portion of the African community. But we must come to the realization that our sense of unity will not survive as long as those Negroes who seek to undermine our efforts are allowed to prosper. Negroes who lust after Caucasoid approval of their miserable exis- tence will stop at nothing to obtain it, even if it means destroying everything that represents and protects African people. 
    So, just as a people flush them- selves or purge themselves of excess fat, we must begin the process of flushing out our communities and purging ourselves of the waste in the form of Negro traitors. It's time that it be known that there are conse- quences for selling our folk out to the Irish-Italian-Anglo-Saxon-Jewish Mafia. 
    We must never forget the Uncle Toms of Antiquity who aided and abetted our enslavers/oppressors in our holocaust (the Slave Trade). Just as today we must take note of these modern day traitors to our cause we must not forget. And one day soon we must present them with swift and eternal punishment. 
    Remember, one of the first joining members of the Black Panthers was a Negro FBI informant. And the man who led police to the home of Panther leader Fred Hampton (who was then ambushed and murdered in his bed) in Chicago was an FBI Negro. Malcolm X's senior bodyguard was a Negro from the NYPD intelli- gence division. Marcus Garvey, the most successful leader in dealing with the masses of our people, had his movement neutralized, destabi- lized and destroyed with the aid of Negro vultures. And I could go on and on. 
    These Negroes rip out the guts of African organizations and African lives, then give interviews later on explaining how they did it. Not only do they commit the ultimate crime against our people (treason), but they harbor no fear of reprisal whatsoever. In their minds they've served the Beast well and they feel they will for- ever be loved and protected because of it. 
    Don't you wonder why some of these people are still alive? Or, at the very least, why aren't they perma- nently confined to a wheelchair? 
    Why are there no everlasting marks on their bodies to remind them of their transgressions? Do they not know the enormity of the disservice they've done to us? If they don't, we must make them know. The damage done to African organizations and African people by these rabid scoun- drels of the earth needs to be docu- mented and analyzed carefully. What would have happened had our betrayers not delivered up the heads of our leaders (like Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, etc.) on a platter to be served to the Beast? How many revolutionaries were never born because Negroes helped to kill the seed before it could be planted? How many doctors and lawyers and nation-builders and contributors were left fatherless or motherless, con- demned to a substandard existence in a hostile, adverse world because their parents were laid to rest by their own "bruthaz"? 
    Malcolm once stated that "the only nonviolent revolution is a Negro revolution." The same can be said of how we deal (or don't deal) with our traitors. Say what you will about how dastardly and demented and diabol- ical Caucasians/Europeans are; the one thing they do well is properly dispose of their traitors. 
    Some may say I am a proponent or advocate of violence. No, I'm not. When our existence is in jeopardy, I call the act of ridding these jackals a community service; I call it setting the trash out on the curb so that it can be taken and thrown out with the rest of its kind. If you leave trash in your house, it will funk up the atmos- phere and attract rodents. I call this act preserving the integrity and sur- vival of our people; I call it ensuring a better and more fulfilling life for our children and loved ones. Too many of our people are dead today because of a few ravenous and greedy Negroes. And many more Africans will indeed die tomorrow because of these Negro's deeds today. 
    You need not be a brain surgeon to figure out who are some of our betrayers. Some serve on the Supreme Courts on the state and federal levels. Some serve as profes- sors at Harvard or Yale or Princeton and seek out anti-African muck every time they open their mouths. Some serve in the right-wing (so-called conservative) think tanks. Some serve as police chiefs in large metropolitan cities and act as apologists for gross police miscon- duct and corruption. Some are employed as columnists in the most prestigious newspapers in the country and who fiendishly assassinate the character of ANY African who tries to do right by us. 
    If we are serious about recapturing and sustaining this sense of unity and brotherhood and about advancing as a people, then we need to seriously take note of our betrayers or those who seek to do us great harm for the benefit of the Western (read White) world. And some day soon we must deal wisely with them.