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Welcome to our Web of African Experience! This is the site you have been looking for. As you browse HieroGraphics Online, you will find some of the most interesting information on Africa and African people which is related to our, yours and the rest of humanity's collective entrance into the 21st Century.

For a fuller understanding of the origin and purpose of HieroGraphics Online, visit the Meaning of HieroGraphics Online. In keeping with the purpose outlined there, HieroGraphics Online is posting a number of informative links to news, educational, historical, cultural content and resources relevant to the African American, African, Caribbean, Native American, African European and Pacific Islander experience. An especially interesting item included at this Website is Hermann Hesse's The European – A Fable. Additionally, we will post occasional reviews of domestic and international concerns, scholarly papers on research results or analyses of issues impacting the world community. Initially, HieroGraphics Online is highlighting African Educational Programming, African American youth and the sociocultural programming at Kent State University for African American students, faculty and staff for more than 30 years, 1968 to 2000. The Uumbaji Art Gallery and AfriLinks contains several exhibits and a large listing of links to information relevant to community intent on informing itself. You are invited to check them out. In the future, we will feature more of the unpublished writings of the late philosopher, Nigerian folklorist and author Chief Fela Sowande (1906-1987). Additional African experiences, exhibits, occasional papers and other important information will be posted on this and other newly developed HieroGraphics Online Web sites as time progresses.

With this posting, we offer Your History Online, a serialized and comprehensive chronology of African and African American history, interspersed with world history, from 1600 BCE to AD 1980. Inform yourself and your children by clicking on the "Revolving World" below. This will take you to a running chronological account of African American historical, economic, social and political affairs. In short, your history as your ancestors lived it and made sure that you, their progeny, would survive, multiply and prosper.

We also offer at this Web site an informative and comprehensive Overview of the Ida B. Wells Community Academy. This public, independent, community based and non-sectarian Community School was founded and incorporated in 1998 in Akron, Ohio, in association with the Task Force for Quaility Education, a consortium of community groups, and with the inspiration, guidance and direction of Dr. Edward W. Crosby, Mrs. Emma Jean Calhoun, and Dr. Crosby's former students and associates. It was chartered and fully funded by the Ohio Department of Education. The Academy opened on August 30, 1999. It currently operates an Elementary School Campus at Mt. Olive Baptist Church, 1180 Slosson Street and a Middle School Campus at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, 442 Bell Street.

HieroGraphics Online has recently added another informative Web site that contains an introduction to the genealogical history of Dr. Crosby's family which took shape in 1790 in Bull Run (Manassas), Virginia, and formed the Robinson-Naylor-Harris Family and its News Quarterly, which features a 15-year Archive of publications containing items of general genealogical interest on this large family's historic saga. This saga has been computerized in a 1,670 person database. You will also find here some reasons why we, as a people, should "Retire Upon Ourselves," educationally and socio-politically speaking.

"Israel, An Online Documentary: A Concise but thorough Primer on State Terrorism." The purpose of this documentary is to provide in brief the history behind the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. To accomplish this we have made use of various sources of information. Our primary source is the Internet, for without question, as one researcher put it, "the Internet [has the] ability to present information that hasn't been censored or passed through official filters, allowing you to . . . make up your own mind" on which side of today's burning issues you want to take a stand. It seems the U.S. and many other governments, the international news media – print and electronic, and the American citizenry in general are either ignorant of past and contemporary history, especially the history of Israel, or refuse to do the necessary study of the issues involved, or are in collusion with the despotic Israeli regime. Perhaps they have simply forgotten the extreme lengths Ashkenazi colonists primarily from Eastern Europe have pursued prior to and after the 1948 declaration of an independent Jewish state. Furthermore, no attention has been given to the plight of the Palestinians in the homeland they were deprived of. This deprivation was administered with the connivance of Britain and the United States, and the acquiescence of the so-called "developed world" under the aegis of the United Nations after World War II. It is this deprivation, brutish human debasement and the resultant tragedy that this online documentary wishes to shed light on. This documentary presents a concise history of the birth of the "Jewish State," and offers some insight into the major events leading up to the founding of Zionism, the resultant establishment of a Zionist colony in Palestine, and the origins of the resistance created by Israeli usurpation of Palestinian-Arab lands.

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