The Ida B. Wells Community Academy

 semper novi quid ex Africa!
Everything new always comes out of Africa! — Pliny

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All You Need To Know About 
The Academy and More!
  •  An Introduction to Educational Quality
  • A Brief Ida B. Wells-Barnett Biography with Links
  • On These Principles We Stand
  • On These Assurances We Stand
  • Community Schools Compliance with the Ohio Revised Code
  • The Academy's ByLaws and Governance Handbook
  • The Governors, Administrators, Faculty and Staff Roster
  • Board of Governors Resumes
  • Academy Development Team and Consultants 
  • Parents and Students Rights and Responsibilities
  • Special Education Rights of Parents and Students
  •  Faculty and Staff Employment and Performance Expectations
  •  Five-Year Self-Evaluation Report, 1999-2004 (attachments sent on request)
  •  Our 2002–2003 Annual Report                       (ditto)
  •  Our 2001–2002 Annual Report                       (ditto)
  • Our 2000–2001 Annual Report                       (ditto)
  • Our 1999–2000 Annual Report                       (ditto)
  • The Academy's Registration Application
  • The Academy's Employment Application
  • A Community School Financial Planning Guide
  • A Selected Bibliography
  • Curriculum Infusion Model from  Kindergarten to 6th Grade 
  • The Academy's Newsmakers  .  .  .

  • Uumbaji Art Gallery Exhibit and AfriLinks
    . . . and Other Things
  • Retire Upon Ourselves
  • Feedback Requested
  •  For Your Information

    For More Information

    Call: 330.867.1085   FAX: 330.867.1074

    Write to

    Ms. Angela M Anderson, Chief Administrative Officer
    Dr. Edward W. Crosby, Founder

    The Ida B. Wells Community Academy
    Main Office: 1180 Slosson Street
    Akron, Ohio  44320-2730

    330.867.1085    FAX   330.867.1074

    The Learning Centers

    Elementary School Campus
    Grades K to Four
    1180 Slosson Street
    Akron, Ohio  44320-2730

    330.867.1085  FAX: 330.867.1074
    Middle School Campus
    Grades Five to Eight
    442 Bell Street
    Akron, Ohio  44307-2306

    330.253.4298  FAX: 330.253.5512

    Send e-Mail to either of the addresses below: 

    Ms. Angela M. Neeley


    Dr. Edward W. Crosby

    For detailed information, visit the Academy's Official Web Site at:

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