Inter-Departmental Correspondence
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio

7 February 1996 

From:   George R. Garrison 

To:   Edward Crosby 

Re:  The Latest Issue of Kitabu 

       Last week I received a call from the Provost explaining that someone had given him a copy of the latest edition of Kitabu. He further said that he, and others in the administration, were getting complaints about Terry Shropshire's article, in that, to them it seemed as if the former were calling for violence against so called "uncle Toms." He told me that in all probability copies of Kitabu would be sent to the Board of Trustees. He was also concerned that the issue of whether or not the university should be using public funds to pay, either in part, or entirely, for such publications, had been raised again. 

       I have had two meetings with the faculty about this matter. I had not read Shropshire's article when the Provost called me. But after reading it, I also had some concerns about it not his right to say such things, for I do think the First Amendment covers him also, but about the possible ramifications to the Department, given that Kitabu, unlike Uhuru, is a Department publication. Consequently, I drafted up a publication policy, that met with the faculty's approval, and that will help give guidance to Andrea [DuVall] in the future. Also, I would like to set up an editorial board, consisting of members of the full time faculty in DPAS, for Kitabu. I've enclosed a copy of the policy that we discussed, and would like your comments. 

       Call me if you have any questions. Peace!